Wednesday 22 August 2007

He said he wanted to have kids.

Surely, one's own fetish for the irrelevance of dichotomy forces one to not frown. And then, there is a realization. The irrelevant dichotomy between having and not arises only when one crosses the layer which even makes the two possibilities visible. One can after all frown -- assuming the shield of recursion works for layers above and beyond.

Life, after all, is so beautifully useless.

Sunday 19 August 2007

Puke of the Day

“A Country is Not a Company,” argued Paul Krugman in a celebrated 1996 paper published in the Harvard Business Review. He made the point that “the style of thinking necessary for economic analysis is very different from that which leads to success in business” and further that a failure to understand this can lead to disastrous mistakes. The economist in Dr. Singh needs to realise that arguments drawing from ‘decarbonising the economy’ exercises done in the Planning Commission combining with ill-founded ambitions of becoming a great power by becoming the sole superpower’s camp follower are likely to flop in the democratic political arena. It may be perfectly true that the Bharatiya Janata Party is the co-progenitor of this nuclear deal. But the reality is that the principal opposition party has aggressively attacked the deal as a sell-out of national interests, and specifically of the country’s ambition of developing “a minimum credible nuclear deterrent.” Its leaders are salivating at the thought of this Congress-led regime falling on so sensitive an issue. As important politically is the nature of opposition from the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and its left partners whose bloc of 61 MPs provide life support for the UPA government. The CPI(M) has made it clear that it has serious problems with some of the specifics of the 123 read along with the Hyde Act and has asked the government not to go ahead even with the next step towards operationalisation. But its larger political objection is that the nuclear deal is part of a strategic alliance with the U.S. encompassing political, economic, and military aspects; and therefore has “adverse consequences for an independent foreign policy, sovereignty, and the economic interests of the people.” And the Manmohan Singh regime knows it will get no quarter from the recently formed ‘third force’ bloc, the UNPA.
This is from a newspaper that wrote an equally long editorial claiming that the technical aspects of the agreement were favorable to India. What makes this editorial even more funny is, the opinion piece across the page is written by a certain Prakash Karat. Just so that you don't forget, the editors of this glorious newspaper on August 6th, 2007, wrote:
As for the other BJP objection that the 123 agreement will cripple India’s strategic programme, the less said the better. A non-hindrance clause incorporated in Article 2.4 ensures that the development of India’s unsafeguarded or military nuclear facilities will not be hindered or interfered with in any way. There is nothing in the 123 that takes away India’s sovereign right to conduct nuclear explosive tests, or enlarge its nuclear arsenal should it choose to do so. The problem, if anything, is the opposite of what the BJP suggests: thus accommodated in a U.S.-led unequal global nuclear bargain, India may be even less inclined than it is today to pursue the goal of universal disarmament.
I'd rather read Sudhish Kamath writing something about straight men, gay men and their nightmares.

Wednesday 15 August 2007

Monday 13 August 2007

KANK 2 - King ANd Krish

As if KANK 1 wasn't enough, we have another KANK 2 to outdo the first one. Presenting King ANd Krish in a podcast.

King: First of all, I'd like to welcome you to King's Podcast. I'd like to tell you that I have been very keen on interviewing you for a long time. It's been my dream, and I am very excited that it's finally happening. In fact our listeners are very excited too. They all want to sign up on your SameBed page.

Krish: That's wonderful. However, I must tell you that I will trash any right wing fundamentalist listener.

King: Sure no problem. How would you like to proceed? Should I ask you my well-drafted questions that I have noted it down.

Krish: Only if you have it noted down on Open Software. Otherwise you are a Monopolist.

King: Actually I am using paper.

Krish: You fundamentalist. Do you want to destroy all forests in India?

King: No, no.

Krish: Anyhow I'd like to speak about Kerala Porn Industry. I have noticed that people in North India have protested against the sheer monopoly Kerala has in bad porn. I they are morons. Kerala does not have a monopoly. Government intervention has successfully ensured that. The real problem is something else.

King: And that is?

Krish: People don't like that the Kerala Porn Industry is unionized. They are all anti-commie. But the real problem is even more complicated.

King: I am shooore avar listeners are very keen. Do go on.

Krish: The problem is that they think that the Kerala Porn Industry focuses on left testicles and left boobs too much. Since these morons are right wingers they want more weightage for right testicles and right boobs. I am not against a free market. But I don't think porn should have a right wing approach to it. Left testicle is more important. My own left testicle is proof.

King: How?

Krish: Because I don't have a right testicle. Only right winger morons have right testicles.

King: What if they have both?

Krish: Then they are monopolists. And they are morons too.

Wednesday 8 August 2007

Blog Wars: Return of the Retard

I've been an agnostic most of my life, not quite ready to completely give up God on the minor chance that She actually exists.

My faith has now been completely destroyed. Because there is no way that a loving God would inflict such pain and suffering on us humans.

I am talking of course about the new video talk show of the blogosphere's beloved retard, Krish.
If that link doesn't work, copy paste this URL:

I am giving you fair warning. If you thought his blog posts were bad, this is several times worse. His accent and his logic makes one feel like handing out awards for oratory to the likes of K Srikanth and Venkatesh Prasad.

So on one side, we have the King with his show, and on the other we have the Jagadguru with his crap. How can there possibly be a merciful God up there?

(I feel like driving a high-heeled shoe through the ankle of the person who sent me the link to that post.)