Friday 22 June 2007

On Diets

Something tells me this post will be immensely popular with fat readers. The image of the King skinny dipping is enough to put anyone off food for months.

If it isn't enough - let me help you with the image. Imagine the King, with his dark, rowing-taut thighs bouncing in the water. Actually, go ahead and imagine other taut things bouncing too. Now, try and eat.

Thursday 21 June 2007


I am not thick-skinned enough to run RH. Moreover, it's really boring without Nilu around here.
If it was dead boring, then we'd be closer to something.

A Question

Nilu is just very bored. Or maybe he's just sleepy.
He'll be back soon. There is too much in the world to puke at.

Meanwhile, should I continue holding the PukeFort or not?

I am essentially a nudist. But this nudist needs an audience. No fun in getting naked if no one's around to watch. The risk of being naked and cooking at the same time is all the more prohibitive.