Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Puke Help

I have decided to hate this woman. Reasons invited.


krishnan said...

She writes about an article on Karwa Chouth published in the Washington Post. That's reason enough to hate her for life.

~A said...

You go first and state ur reasons :)

Anonymous said...

If you have decided, that is reason enough.

SM said...

she is the queen of "konji kanjila vizhardhu".

she is preachy and condescending

she never lets her guard down, in any of her posts. Makes her sound like a machine spewing content.

her preachy parenting posts are all puke worthy. no parent is that perfect and no child is too.

she is the epitome of yummy mummy - yuvak.

i hate bloggers who take blogging too seriously. she gets as much comments as the next blog, but there is a post every once in a while about why she has been tardy to reply to the comments. idhellam romba over!


i have vented it all out...i can go with my day peacefully.


narayanan said...

overdose of pink in the blog header ?

I said...

Just because.

punda maloki said...

I have left a comment about you having a position on her
Look at the comments on sydney opera house post before it is deleted