Saturday, 28 July 2007

Contemplating is painful. Action, excruciating. Simply because, one can always pretend the contemplation was otherwise. Consequences, or the lack of it, make the angst of contemplation pale in comparison. In other words, that there is never a reason insults. In the warped way of recursion that futility reserves for the truly futile. And one realizes, deleting one's blog because one thought one had nothing to say was worse. Only to be traumatized by the use of the comparative and wonder why.

So, after the why and the why not, here is what I intend to do. Build a history of Western of Philosophy from the ground up, sticking with chronology to the extent possible. Anyone interested in contributing will be invited as an author. Or, write an email.

If you want to point to already built structures, I'd like to ask you read this post again.


~A said...


Great Hypocrite said...

contemplating is painful because ignorance is bliss :)

Arry Potter said...

Blessed is the man who, having nothing to stay, abstains from giving us worthy evidence of the fact.

Arry Potter said...


Sorry! Just puked on this blog!

Gaurav said...

ROFL!! The lengths to which you go to compensate for your sexual inadequacies is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to make a Quantum Computer or atleast see it made. So I can sleep in peace with Alexandra Ivanovskaya.

tito said...

I would like to contribute.

Anonymous said...

mams...puriyira bhashyile peshu

Anonymous said...

You have to write a post on Federer being the Ayn Rand of tennis. He brought the game so much popularity that its sickening to see the number of people who have just learnt to understand tennis and people who came back to watching it after the Sampras era argue that he's the greatest ever to have played the game.

Federer absolutely spoiled tennis for tennis lovers. Now there are only Federer lovers and cats on the walls.

~A said...

Ingmar Bergman is dead.

PS: Hail Federer!

Anonymous said...

Write something useful or not at all.

Sriram said...

I have internalized some stuff on the 'je pense donc je suis' philosophy and have developed my own philosophy which equates a girl to alcohol.

Naanum aatathula sethi ya?

Anonymous said...

Gaurav, Was Nilu not hard enough on your ass?

Gaurav said...

anon, it is his inability to get hard that is leading to such elaborate self-fellation.

Anonymous said...

replace contemplation with constipation and this post would make plenty of sense. thank me later.

Anonymous said...

Anon4 : What a genius of an observation..."Consequences,or the lack of it..."...ha ha ha

~A said...

When can we start seeing this? Just curious

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